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Financial Fraud Complaint

There are many types of scams and fraud are happen like banking, life insurance, transaction, loan, and more. It's a terrible sight that just keeps on growing. Help others to avoid this and help us to eliminate it from the root.


Lucky Draw/Lottery Scam

It is a funny fraud nowadays because everyone falls into the trap of fraudsters in the greed of money. This needs to be understood, there is no such company that gives you lakhs of rupees in the name of a lucky draw or lottery.


Mobile Tower Fraud

Every telecom company does tower installation work to make its network better. We would like to notify you that no website or firm does the work of installing the tower except official, so avoid contacting such places.


Dealership/Franchise Fraud

Many big companies offer to business with them as the dealership, franchise, workshop, and more. But do not communicate with any third-party website or agent directly contact the real firm via mail or phone call.


Fraud Companies/Agencies

There are many such companies and agencies which are real but are doing fraud with people. If you know of any such place, then immediately register your cCOMPLAINt here. We will take legal action on it as soon as possible.


Fake Websites

Nowadays the internet has been covering by fraud websites. Here it has become very difficult for common people to understand which website is real and which one is a fake website or portal.


We work hard on this crime

Save cyber security, cyber information, and You too

We are the government verified place where you can submit any type of complaint regarding cyber fraud as well as internet scams. Our expert team is always working to overcome this disease. Yes, this is a very big disease that is destroying people's trust on the internet. No one or two people may be involved in doing this, but many people are involved in this fraud and many people have been sent behind bars but the rescue operation is still going on and we assure you that This will be eliminated from our society as soon as possible, for this, we need your cooperation too, so please cooperate with us in our work as far as possible.