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In these 10 years, we have found that online fraud has increased a lot, due to which the company started this website.

First of all, it is important that your problems should be solved but you have to take care of where you are filing your complaint. Is that place verified through the government or is its process legal. In view of all these problems, the government has started this portal where you can register all kinds of complaints against fraud and the government solves your problems as soon as possible.

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Internet is such a technology without which it has become very difficult to imagine anything in today's era. Ever since the Internet started, people have used it equally in both right and wrong things. In these 10 years, it has been seen that fraud has started happening more through the internet and which is increasing day by day, stopping it has become a challenge for every department.

It would not be wrong to say that it is difficult to eliminate it completely but we would always like to suggest to you that before doing any process on the internet and online, you should read about it thoroughly, then pay any payment or action there and if you feel any kind of wrong activity, then you can immediately complain so that action can be taken against him as soon as possible.

Beware, you from all wrong activities. The website or portal provides you such services as fast approval, quick process, instant receive, and more. You should be a little careful from those places because every legal and government work takes time which is impossible to do in 24 hours or less. If you have any questions or doubts then you're welcome you can ask with government staff.

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How to solve the complaint against online internet fraud?

Online fraud has become very popular today because 8 out of every 10 people are getting scammed because of this increasing number, whether the government has started a website or not, where you can register all your types of fraud and we can solve it as soon as possible. Online is the main source of fraud in this generation. 70% of frauds are happening online whether it is being done to you through email or a fake website. There are some such frauds that are being done offline, but most of the time online fraud is happening, which also has some easy ways to understand and we will share the ways to avoid them here.


#1. You have received a call/SMS/mail for eligibility for a loan and register your name online, after you apply your loan is instantly approved within 24 hours, and they demand some amount for taxes. (Answer: It is not possible that any loan is approved in just a few hours without verification or document process and very few banks have provided online loans otherwise all are fake.)

#2. If you apply for mobile tower installation, and they charge some amount for the name of processing or security and send documents by speed post in your home. (Answer: First, I would like to say no any tower company work on these type of projects that means the installation of the tower is not proceed by any telecom company. This is fake registration and documents.)

#3. The lucky draw scam is very popular because most cases come from it. We tell you how it starts. You may receive a call or SMS for winning a lucky draw prize and if you want to claim this prize then you have to pay the government taxes. (Answer: The lucky draw scam or fraud is very scary nowadays because many people have lost millions in this scam so beware of these types of calls or SMS because this is 100% fake.)