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Some important information about online fraud or scam

The whole world has come under its grip, no country is saved from this corruption. The government of all countries is disturbed by this and always makes new plans and methods to eliminate this cybercrime from the source but those who do it are growing more and more vicious day by day it is not that it will not end from the root. It will take time but it is not impossible until it is completely over, you should be safe, be alert and if you encounter any such activity, then contact us immediately. There are more than 70% of people in the whole world who have been the victim of some online fraud or scam. Because of this increasing graph, the government of every country started a complaint website in their respective countries, where they review the complaints of their citizens and remove them as soon as possible.

If any fraud has happened to you or you feel that some fraud is happening with you, then register your complaint here today so that we can take action against those people as soon as possible and eliminate such crime from the root. To end this, along with our hard work, your cooperation is also very much needed, so you cooperate as far as possible. We will definitely help you.

How many types of fraud are happening?

There are many types of fraud or scams are happing nowadays, some explanations of which is being shared below:

#1. Financial Fraud: This includes every kind of fraud in which there is talk of money transactions or transfers. In which maximum fraud has happened in the name of taking the online loan. Many websites and agencies are running on the internet which says that they will approve your loan within 24 hours by any financial bank or company and they tell you that to get this loan approved you will have to pay some processing amount, then when your loan is approved, after your loan has approved you are asked to pay tax to transfer that loan amount to your bank account. Similarly, many new taxes are imposed on you but ultimately you do not get any amount because this whole process is just a drama while fraud is happening with you. Most of the financial online fraud and scams are being done in the name of Home loans, Personal loans, Business loans, Education loans. Similarly, scams and fraud are happening in the name of Life insurance, Jeewan Bima, and so on.

#2. Online Lucky Draw Fraud: This is such a fraud in which people give a lot of their money to the wrong people in the name of a lucky draw or lottery. This fraud is quite famous on the internet because who would not want to get millions or crores without investing anything. Do you think it is possible that without participating in any lucky draw your name will be lucky or you can win a lot of prizes? If this cannot happen at all, then you should be alert because fraud is going to happen to you. In most of the cases, it has been found that any such SMS on your mobile number and you may receive mail in which it is said that lucky draw has taken place in your name or your mobile number has been declared winner in our company's lucky draw and you have to pay taxes to receive this price, then you should be careful because that doesn't happen at all. This is a kind of fraud.

#3. Mobile Tower Installation Scam: We think that you have received a call or documents by speed post saying that this company wants to install a 4G/5G mobile tower on your vacant land and all the process is done online or on the call like preparation of agreement paper, verification of tower's location, all kind of process is done on call or via the website. They demand you that some charge in the name of registration. Money is taken in the name of preparing the agreement paper and taxes are also charged for coming to you after receiving the advance amount. Similarly, fraud is happening in the name of installing mobile towers, so we would like to tell you that no telecom company is installing mobile towers right now, so do not answer any such calls or emails and complain to us immediately so that we will be able to close such agencies and websites as soon as possible.

#4. Fake Company or Agencies: Many companies and agencies are available on the internet as well as the market that provide a business-like dealership, franchise, and so on. They charge lakhs of rupees in the name of registration fee and security deposit and say that after paying all this, your business will start. There are many people who have wasted a lot of their money by falling prey to such companies. Still, no business has started because these people are not legal. All this is fake and fraud is happening with you, so if you are suffering from any such incident, then complain here today or if you feel that any such activity is going on with you then contact us immediately.

#5. Online Website Fraud: Till a few years ago, people considered the Internet to be a very secure place and did not feel any hesitation to share anything or get information there and considered all the information on the Internet to be real and accurate but in the present days, this is not the case at all. People trust any information on the Internet only after verifying it thoroughly and then share the information given on it to others. Doing this is absolutely right in the present times because there are many such websites and portals on the Internet on which wrong information is put which can mislead you and make you far away from the truth. If in your view any such website is fake or on which wrong information has been entered, then immediately file a complaint about such website or portal because by doing this, many such people can avoid a big fraud.

Process of work

4 steps to solve online fraud complaint

We analyze every single complaint file that people submitted. First of all, we find out through what means this fraud has been done, after that we take immediate action. All our work is done because of the government's famous and as soon as possible or effort is made to finish this work legally. So if you have any issue or complaint against online cyber fraud and scam then without delay a minute submit a complaint file so that the government takes action as soon as possible. You can also communicate with us via call or mail, please check our contact details.

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