All internet fraud and crime's Terms & Conditions

We have several terms of uses of our services so you must need all terms and conditions of its website so that you do not face any issue further. It is very important to all industries as well as website visitors. The terms and conditions tell our visitors how their work will be performed by the government and if you want to take any action on this website then what are the things you have to take care of.

These terms of service outline the rules and regulations for the use of its website. By accessing this website we assume you accept these all terms and conditions because you do not continue to use its website if you do not follow all of the terms of use this portal. So once you must see these points which are given below.

Terms and Conditions:

  • #1. All offline work completely transfer online due to coronavirus
  • #2. All forms follow terms and conditions
  • #3. The complaint form need verification of the victim
  • #4. All forms may take 3 to 7 working days to review and verify
  • #5. We may need documents for identity proof
  • #6. You will share your documents via mail
  • #7. Due to COVID-19, you may take more time to connect with our customer care executive
  • #8. If you are spamming here then the company will take legal action against you
  • #9. We update time to time our terms and condition and the privacy policy
  • #10. You can submit a complaint file online here
  • #11. Here all online/offline fraud and scam complaints are acceptable
  • #12. Website visitors privacy is 100% safe
  • #13. We do not sell visitors data to any third-party website or companies
  • #14. The comments of the users are moderation and then published
  • #15. Your mobile/phone number will not be used in spam
  • #16. Your mobile/phone number will be hidden for website users as well as any search engine
  • #17. Customer care is available 24X7 except for government holidays
  • #18. You can communicate with us via phone call and contact form
  • #19. We need your suggestion and feedback about cybercrime & scam
  • #20. We remove hyperlinks from the comments section for safe browsing
  • #21. We add some external links for a better user experience
  • #22. This website may use cookies for a better website browsing experience
  • #23. All contents and images are copyright of its website
  • #24. We have only one website where your works are done by the government
  • #25. For more details website visitors can read important blogs/articles