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What is cybercrime? How can I report cyber fraud and scams?

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Dear people, we are the place where we make people aware of cybercrime fraud or scam because it is our duty and due to the increase in this crime, the government had to come down among the people and understand it like this and avoid and save it.

So that's why the government has shared all the information related to cybercrime here and what are its types and how it starts and what are the measures to avoid it and where to file your complaint against it, all the information here shared on.

What is cyber crime?

I think cybercrime is a conventional crime because people who are victims of cybercrime are not involved in such crime by force or blackmail, but they themselves go to such places. The reason for this could be anything, but it is only because of the departure of those people who commit cybercrime, they are able to carry out such incidents.

Cybercrime is a crime that involves a person, computer, and a network. The computer may have been used in the commission of a crime, or it may be the target. That person also convey the someone to do any activity so that they will proceed with their plan. Cybercrime may harm someone's security and financial health.

What is cybercrime fraud?

Cybercrime is a big issue for global because a report (sponsored by McAfee) published in 2014 estimated that the annual damage to the global economy was $445 billion. A 2016 report by Cyber security ventures predicted that global damages incurred as a result of cybercrime would cost up to $6 trillion annually by 2021 and $10.5 trillion annually by 2025.

We always try to understand any wrong activities around us because it can come in front of you in many forms, so to understand and avoid it, always keep getting information about such activities and also make others aware of it because it is not only our problem or your problem but it is the whole if there is an issue of the society, then it is our responsibility to save it to other people as well and contact us for more information.

What is online cybercrime scamming?

The cyber scam is very dangerous for your wealth as well as health. It affects everything whether it is your wealth or your health because this scamming total targets your private data or your property. So that's why your health also ends by thinking of any such information which has been put in the wrong hands.

The cyber scam is an enemy of your life as well as your information and property. A report has found that cybercrime has increased suicidal thinking among people. For those who are battling cybercrime or with whom cybercrime has happened, such thinking is bound to come in their mindset (Scientifically proved). Therefore, to avoid and understand such things, the government has started this portal.

How many type of cybercrime or fraud?

It would not be correct to say that there are 5 or 10 types of cybercrime because cybercrime is a crime that can be committed in any way or any form. Everything or every activity that damages your private data or your property is called cybercrime. So from this, you can guess for yourself how many types of cybercrime are there and how it is carried out.

We listed some top cybercrime or fraud which is happened the most.

List of Cybercrime Fraud Percentage Till 2021
Financial Fraud and Scam 87%
Online transaction Scam 85%
Lucky Draw or Lottery Scam 77%
Telecom or Mobile Tower Installation Fraud 70%
Misappropriation of assets Scam 65%
Fake company or website Scam 60%
Virus attack Scam 44%
Mailing Scam 30%
Other Fraud or Scam 23%

Most happen in India cyber fraud list/name?

Cybercrime does not target by looking at any country or state, but it is the same everywhere but yes it definitely happens that people who do cybercrime or forward, by analyzing those places, they find out that in that place or that city, people are more developed in that place and they target the same things.

India is also a developed country where big companies and capitalists live, then fraudsters are also targeting India and have spread many types of cybercrime here. Some of whose names we are sharing below:

Cyber Fraud in India Percentage Updated July 2021
Financial Fraud and Scam 90%
Online transaction Scam 88%
Lucky Draw or Lottery Scam 83%
Telecom or Mobile Tower Installation Fraud 80%
Fake website Scam 70%
Other Fraud or Scam 45%

How do I report or complaint cybercrime fraud or scam?

If you are facing any type of wrong activities or are you battling cybercrime fraud as well as you have become a victim of cybercrime, so you should immediately file a complaint against such incidents. You can report or compliant about any fraud or scam here and the government can take a fast response to this complaint because we want that such incidents and the people who do it should be eliminated from society as soon as possible. So do not waste the time of things more and report or complain about cybercrime fraud or scams here.

How is cyber fraud or scam done?

Everyone needs to know, how cyber fraud happens? Because if we are fully aware of this thing, then if any such incident starts around us or with us, we will immediately understand that it is a sign of cybercrime and we will not fall prey to any such thing or any pretext that may damage our private information or property. So let us tell you about how cybercrime starts and what are its symptoms so that you can protect yourself and your known people from any such incident.

  • You have received an SMS/Call/Mail and you can see that you have won the lucky draw prize and if you want to claim this prize contact us immediately.
  • You have received an SMS/Call/Mail and there you can see that you are told that if you want a personal loan, business loan, education loan, or any type of loan, then apply for it today. OR you see that your loan of 50000 INR has been approved and contact immediately to get it.
  • You have received an SMS/Call/Mail and the company ask you to install a Mobile Tower on your rooftop or vacant land/plot and they ask some charge to start this process like security deposits, registration amount, agreement charge, GST charge, CBDT charge, NOC charge, and many more charges.
  • Sometimes you have received a call or SMS and they told you that are you looking for Job? Then you have to register your name in our company and then we will 100% placement in good companies.
  • Some you have to apply for a dealership, franchise, or any other business and they demand you the advance amount without any legal agreement or without or visit the branch and verified you and your area. Also notice that your all process is going online-only, it is not possible.
  • Sometimes it happens that you are doing an online transaction somewhere and for some reason, your transaction gets stuck, then you get upset and try to contact the customer care of that company and you appeal to get your amount back. But it happens that you fall into the wrong hands and instead of bringing your amount back, they empty your entire account, so avoid contacting any such place or any person and contact only from official site or official people.

What is the sign of fraud or scam or cheating?

Frauds are being done all over the world, which is becoming very difficult to understand but it is not at all that if we are always updated with such activities or information about it, then it will be difficult to avoid it. Online fraud is increasing very fast, which has become very important for everyone to understand because it is a disease that will destroy your health as well as your property.

There can be many signs about online fraud and online scams, about which we have already shared the information above, so you should go through all the details given above and make yourself and others aware of this.

How can I online complaint against cyber crime?

This is also important to know which platform or place is right to complaint any type of cyber fraud or scam because it has also been seen that fraud is happening even in the name of registering a complaint, so before going to such places or any place, you must get complete information about that place or platform that that place is right or wrong? And only then do you file your complaint there.

We are verified by the government, so without hesitation and any doubt, you can register your cyber complaint here. We assure you that your problem will be resolved here as soon as possible.

How can I contact cybercrime officer or customer care?

There are many such details available on the Internet which are listed in the name of Cyber Crime Officer or Customer Care Executive. Let us tell you that only our website is verified by the government and the contact details are given on it are also verified, so do not contact any other website or portal at all which is not verified by the government because it is also the sign of cybercrime.

You can contact us by mail or by phone call, the button of which are given below, click on it and contact us today.

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