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We are the only verified portal where all the work is done by the government. Because of the increase of online internet fraud, the government has started this website for all states. So you do not need to go anywhere else and register your complaint here and get your problem resolved as soon as possible.

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Cyber Crime Portal & Online Internet Fraud

The graph of fraud has increased a lot in the whole world, because of which the government has decided to create such a platform for the people of their country where they can register complaints of all the frauds that happened to them. The main reason for choosing us is that we are government verified where all your work will be done legally.

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Cyber Crime Complaint Online

financial fraud complaint
Finance Fraud

Banking Frauds, Insurance Fraud, Online Money Transfer Scamming

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online lucky draw fraud and scam
Lucky Draw Scam

Online Shopping Lucky Draw Fraud, Lottery Scam, Winning Prize Fraud

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fake company & agency fraud
Agencies Fraud

Tower Company or Agencies Fraud, Dealership Fraud, Property Scam

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We will always be available to help regarding cyber fraud security.

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Anytime, you can file a complaint against cybercrime fraud or scams.

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Online Worldwise Fraud Report

The ratio of fraud - Cyber crime reporting

Financial Fraud 95%
Lucky Draw Scam 85%
Fake Website Fraud 80%
Other Online Fruads 60%

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